13th Annual National Conference of
Indian Association of
Biological Psychiatry

ANCIABP2017 - Venue Changed!! Conference will now be hosted at The Lalit, Chandigarh!

August 19th-20th,2017

The Lalit, Chandigarh, India

Indian Association of Biological Psychiatry Poster activity

This session will offer an effective forum for the exchange of information & means to communicate ideas, research & programmes*

  1. Any member of IABP / Early career psychiatry/ other Psychiatrist who are interested share their studies can present the poster.
  2. Poster can be of any interesting case study or research in the field of biological psychiatry.
  3. All posters selected for display at the conference should follow the guidelines mentioned on the conference website.
  4. Two copies of the abstract of the scientific paper in form of prints of Five Power point slides similar to Indian Journal of Psychiatry style should be submitted to Dr. Parmod kumar (Organizing Secretary ANCIABP 2017), through email. Email ID: drparmod@yahoo.com; by 31st July, 2017
  5. All participants will receive a certificate and winner and runner up of the poster activity will be given special prize along with certificate of participation. (Decision of the judges and organizing committee will be final with regards to selection for display and winner of the activity)

The size of the poster is 1.5 ft width x 2 ft height or 18 inches width x 24 inches height.

*Registration is compulsory to present the poster

Suggested Poster Components :

Title and author(s) with affiliation(s)
Introduction: Introduce the topic with an outline including background information, purpose of the study and relevance describing how this research will add new information in the field.

Methods: Describe the steps you used for your project.

Results/Data Analysis: More space should be devoted to your results than to any other section. Data should be displayed in graphs or tables that are easy to read and clearly labelled. All figures should have a figure legend explaining what type of experiment was performed, a brief description of the data, and what the results demonstrate. This can include diagrams or pictures presenting techniques or outlining experimental design. The number of figures should not include more than 5.Do not duplicate the results in the tables/figures and text.

Discussion/Conclusions: Summarize the main points.

References: Cite and reference any sources of information, other than your own, at the end of the poster.

Contact details of presenter

During the session
Presenters are expected to be available at their posters during the assigned presentation time to discuss methods and results with interested colleagues. If a presenter has more than one poster to present, then it is the presenter’s responsibility to identify a co‐author to present as necessary.
Giving handouts that summarize the poster helps viewers take away the main points of the poster.

After the session
It is the responsibility of the presenter to disassemble their poster at the end of the session. The organisers will not be responsible for posters left at the end of session and all such posters will be discarded